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Compton Communications closed in 2014

Compton Communications uses research and analysis to understand your company, the market and strategic directions. Strong communications programs based on cost-effective tactics and opportunities are developed. And realistic goals and measures are developed to evaluate both the plan and the execution.

See the first Website in archive
The Compton Communications Web site began in 1996 as and has continued to change and evolve as our clients needs have changed. The original site is preserved in the Internet archive and looks odd by today's standards. But it still works.

David N. Compton is the company owner.  He is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America and operates as an independent public relations counselor and technologist. For more information about the company, visit our about page.

The company excels in developing quality programs to meet a customer's needs. CC produces state-of-the-art websites, online news systems, blogs, podcasts, and Web video.

Ours is a virtual team - meaning David will assemble professionals in graphic arts, copywriters and account managers to support your communications plan. CC works on both a retainer or project basis.



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