News Services

News Release services

We use the services of BusinessWire and MarketWire for news release distribution to meet SEC disclosure requirements for public companies. For other companies, we recommend a direct approach with dissemination to trade and professional journals based on your custom media list.

Online news services

We specialize in getting the right web services to support your news needs. From a simple news release system to a custom online newsroom solution requiring special programming, we know how to get it done quickly at a reasonable cost. By adding RSS or Real Simple Syndication to your Web site, you make your news releases available to news media, partners, suppliers and employees. We show you how.

Online Newsletters and Blogs

An online newsletter is a simple and effective way to periodically reach out to stakeholders in your business. Compton Communication promotes the right editorial formula and online web services tools for the task. An online newsletter must have a good design, smart Web interface and an efficient list management system.

We can help your company assemble the necessary tools and techniques to publish and distribute a quality online newsletter on build your own interactive blog.

Compton Communication has partnered with several companies to allow you the widest choice of support vendors in developing a quality news or blog system.

Online Sample Newsroom

Web newsrooms are a simple and effective way to build relationship with news media covering your market or business. A newsroom should provide up-to-date support materials, news releases, fact sheets, executive profiles, and annual reports.  An online newsroom may contain your press release files, executive biographies, fact sheets, annual reports, subscription services and photo archives. Depending on your leadership in a business segment, you may also provide news services such as topical articles, features, whitepapers, and subject matter experts for news media interviews.




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